Myself and Alister McGrath on radio

I am on Premier Christian Radio this coming Saturday 2.30pm talking with Prof. Alister McGrath about his new book on the "New Atheism". His book is called "Why God Won't Go Away: Engaging With The New Atheism". Justin Brierley presents. Very interesting discussion. It will also be available as a podcast. I'll make links available.

It's the "Unbelievable" programme.

PS Direct link to the podcast is now here. Also on itunes as a download - search "brierley unbelievable" for the page. The entry is "Unbelievable? 5th Feb - Alister McGrath and Stephen Law".


iHumanist said…
Thanks for that heads up Stephen, look forward to the podcast.
Steve Wade said…
Interesting show. I thought you sounded more sincere than Alistair McGrath. He seemed to be employing debating tactics throughout - claiming to respect Dawkins but then sneaking in a few unpleasant snide remarks and so on. He misrepresented Sam Harris's position on torture. I think if you bring something up like that you are obliged to explain the context.
Thanks for participating in that discussion. Harris explains his position of torture here:

The End of Faith should be a part of any freethinker's library. Copy enroute to you now. If another listener has already sent you a copy, I'm sure you'll find a good home for it.
banksie said…
Hey Mr. Atheist Missionary sir - could you please send me a copy of 'The Christian Delusion'by John Loftus? I'm desperate to read it and have been for quite some time. Unfortunately i'm flat broke. Hard times = no new reading books. Thanks in advance :)

(cheeky, i know, but worth a shot!)
The hyperlink didn't work on my last comment. In any event, here is the url:
bob said…
Not quite as interesting as I thought it might be. Some discussion of the New Atheism, but little of why belief in God won't go away - some reference on either side to people like Scott Atran(he has a lot to say about the New Atheists) and Pascal Boyer would have been interesting. That and the fact of McGrath himself, who called himself a social liberal, but always seems to be linked to christian fundamentalist groups, e.g. Ravi Zacharias. Maybe he is a social liberal.