Ropetrick drumming MP4

There is an mp4 track with my drumming on here if anyone is interested. I said I might do this ages ago... (the file is called "13 slow it down")

It is just a pretty simple groove with couple of fills.

You have to download file as I have not figured out how to get it to play from the webpage yet.


Great job you eclectic soul. Thanks for the addition to my iPod collection. Please provide attribution for who is performing (band name, musicians, date of recording, etc.). Thx.
Stephen Law said…
Alex Nichols - guitar
John Rathbone - bass
Karen Hedges - vocal
Colin Hinton - keyboards

Band is called Ropetrick. Recorded at Press Play Studio Jan 2009.
Kyle P. said…
There's nothing quite as awesome as an atheist-philosopher-extreme-biker-mountain-and-ice-climber-also-extreme-drummer. That's a really interesting song. I'm definitely adding it to my collection, too! Thanks, Stephen.
Stephen Law said…
Kyle P. - "extreme" is a major exaggeration. But I am reasonably active for someone who is, depressingly, the same age as Susan Boyle.