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Book Zoom sessions with me for your RS or Philosophy class

  TEACHERS. I'm offering online (via Zoom) talks and sessions to schools on A Level RS, Philosophy, and more.   ZOOM sessions can be organised to suit your exact class and needs, and can involve interaction, powerpoint slides, etc.   All sessions are accompanied by a pdf explaining the key points.   Sessions offered include: · Ontological Arguments · Natural Law and its practical application to e.g. embryo research and designer babies, abortion, assisted suicide, capital punishment, etc. · The Kalam Cosmological Argument (incl. William Lane Craig) · The Principle of Sufficient Reason · Religious Experience (e.g. including Persiger and Dawkins) · Religious Language: Ayer, Flew, Wittgenstein · MetaEthics - especially emotivism and intuitionism · The Logical and Evidential Problems of Evil (and my own Evil God Challenge)   Plus any other syllabus-related content you might want covered. I am happy to tailor sessions to your exact needs and syllab