At the Oxford festival - me on drums.


Adzcliff said…
Funky sheeet!?

As an aside, was just wondering about the thinking behind the title 'Believing Bullshit'?

Was singing the book's praises to a mate last night, and how the arguments are laid out in a clear, non-pretentious and non-directive way; but we both accepted we couldn't recommend it to some of our more ardent believer friends, as we'd offend them almost immediately. It seems a shame, as the mood and implication of the title isn't necessarily extended into the rest of the text (though I'm only halfway). Was just wonderring whether you have any other feedback that the title might be a bit of a barrier in reaching the very people who might benefit from it?



P.S. We conceded we couldn't come up with an equally engaging and impactful title, and suspect this was a balance you and/or your publishers had to consider?
I like the percussion break down. Over all it's what the cool kids call acid jazz. If y'all ever get to Northern California in the summer...there are hella festivals and your sound would go over very well. awesomeness,

Good stuff! Is there some other video or recording where the sound is better? I think your snare sounds good, but have nothing to go on with toms and bass. What's your setup?

(Btw, on that second tune, tell your perc to use bells instead of bongos on that opening ... would be awesome!)
Stephen Law said…
Adzcliff - it's swings and roundabouts with title. Maybe recommend the book as a book about supernatrual stuff/conspiracy theories... which it is, of course.

Alexander - It's not v good recording I'm afraid. That kit was DW collectors with Brady jarrah ply snare (with wood hoops).
Adzcliff said…
Cheers Stephen!

Hopefully they'll get far enough before they realise we're talking about them...
Anonymous said…
you and Dave Chalmers should start something..you can call yourself ZombiePhilos