Sunday, January 25, 2009

New York City - accom. required

I am in Manhattan nights of the 8th and 9th of April 2009 (and am around daytime 9th, flying to Washington evening of 10th) and need some cheap accommodation. If anyone can recommend anything do please let me know.

I'll also happily speak, do school event, etc. if you buy me a burger!


Wholeflaffer said...

I recommend the Carlton Arms Hotel in midtwon (right next to the original Gardens). Very close to the Subway/Lexington Bus. Its a bit seedy but you can get a room with your own bathroom (or for the budget consicous, share) for $80-$110 a night, cheapest on the island.

Check out for more info.

Stephen Law said...

I just emailed. Looks great! Thanks for the tip.

Erasmus said...

same price, stay with the nuns. (I only ever saw one real one, in disguise). Leo House, 23rd /8th. Threadbare, but not seedy. Lots of international visitors. Great hot breakfasts. You have to FAX them, instead of emailing, but very comfy. Probably fewer bedbugs.
Leo House
Fax (212) 366-6801
NO wifi, tho, you have to go down to starbucks on the corner.

Stephen Law said...

ah, thanks for that, Erasmus. I have booked with Carlton now but will try the nuns next time round...