This guy gets it. It's not an anti-religion thing, as he explains very well.


Paul P. Mealing said…
Very honest and very true. I pretty well agree with everything he says, including the bit about Jesus being a humanist. I recommend Don Cupitt's book on that topic, Jesus and Philosophy.

Regards, Paul.
fluteflute said…
Thanks for this :)

(Oh and thanks for The Philosophy Gym which is the reason I'm here now)
Cool stuff. Blogged about this two weeks ago. It's a potential eye-opener.
Anonymous said…
I think he's right in that the Church has often been used by the State as an "official religion" and as a form of social cohesion. Like the Pope has said, there is a new level of freedom both for the Church and the State when they are apart, yet cooperating for the common good.

You should know that the reason why he is talking so openly about "imposing morality" on sexual issues is because he came out as gay and has been a LGBT advocate:

He's too personally involved to speak of certain issues as if he was trying to be impartial; he has his own agenda.
Ron Murphy said…
His is probably the most credible and inspirational video of the series. Some of them had a specifically atheist bias, such as Dawkins, which sort of misses the point about secularism.