Fox News welcomes the Discovery Institute

For your amusement. Thanks to Stephen Twigg.

This is also worth a look re the same Fox broadcast (from Flock of Dodos):

Want to see the original (perhaps somewhate intemperately titled) pulled video? It is now here:

Fox News, eh?


Paul P. Mealing said…
Very entertaining and informative.

This is typically what I've found with 'creationist' arguments. Someone with a little knowledge will always win an argument against someone with no knowledge, but when they come up against a real 'expert' the boot is always on the other foot .

The real insight here is that the Discovery Institute would attempt to bully someone off the internet, who demonstrates their ignorance and duplicity, even though they were aware of his legal right to do so.

This is more than censorship, it's paranioa. Luckily he wasn't criticising Islamic fundamentalists, otherwise they'd want his head, literally.

Regards, Paul.
Anonymous said…
evolutionary ( theory of common descent)
proponents have come nowhere close to providing empirical evidence of abiogenesis. I believed in evolution until I began to study biochemistry, genetics and physiology. There is no doubt that existing sets of DNA information aquire changes with time. However, those who support (tocd) cannot provide empirical evidence of the origin of a cell.