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Templeton announce new prayer study. But what about their old one?

Templeton just announced a new study on the effects of prayer on those who do the praying . Above is part of the blurb. But, as you can see, they also suggest testing for the effects of intercessory prayer on those prayed for , on the other hand, is a scientific and theological 'dead end'. In fact, the effects of prayer on others can be scientifically investigated. Indeed, it has been. In a huge Templeton funded study! In 2006 Harvard professor He rbert Benson performed a "Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer (STEP)" It used 1,802 coronary artery bypass surgery patients at six hospitals. Using double-blind protocols, patients were randomized into three groups. The members of the experimental and control Groups 1 and 2 were informed they might or might not receive prayers, and only Group 1 received prayers. Group 3, which served as a test for possible psychosomatic effects, was informed they would receive prayers