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The supposed 'hypocrisy' of critics of Labour MPs who abstained on Osborne's Fiscal Charter vote

So 20 Labour MPs abstained over Osborne's Fiscal Charter, rather than vote against with the rest of the party. There has been fury from many in the party about that. Others however say that, as Corbyn rebelled and voted with his conscience on many occasions, so these 20 MP's are now entirely within their rights to do the same. Maybe. It depends why they abstained. Did they abstain because their conscience on the Fiscal Charter required it of them? Or did they abstain   to try to help bring down Corbyn? A lack of explanation from them as to their reasons looks suspicious (why, if they are simply undecided about Osborne's Charter, not just just say so?). Surely they owe us such an explanation, as our elected representatives? Abstaining on conscience is one thing. Abstaining in order to try to damage and bring down a leader elected and mandated by the members of the party by a huge majority is quite another. It's a far more serious offence. In eff

CFI EVENT with Chris French, Richard Wiseman, Caroline Watt, Carla McKinnon

CFI UK Day Conference – Night School: The life-changing science of sleep Centre for Inquiry UK, the British Humanist Association and the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit present present: Sleep is a major part of our lives that we barely understand - and as a result, lots of cultures have developed unique beliefs and ideas about sleep and dreams. Why do some people claim to experience mysterious 'visitations' and presences during the night, such as aliens, or demons? Why do people think dreams can predict the future? What, if anything, do our dreams mean? How can we decode them? And can you really learn a language by playing lessons while you sleep? This will be a fascinating day of talks by some of the world's leading researchers. 10.30-11.00 - Registration 11.00-12.00 - Devil in the room: The art and science of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a fairly common anomalous e