About Stephen Law


·   Public academic
·      Writer and speaker on a range of issues, academic and non-academic, for a wide variety of audiences - specialist and non-specialist
·      Authority on critical thinking and philosophy and their public application. Research interest in everyday irrationality and bullshit.

Public speaker and writer. Has appeared many times on TV and Radio (including episodes of Closer to Truth in the US). Has written or been interviewed for The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, The Mail on Sunday. The Sydney Morning Herald, The Times (book extract), Newsweek, Aeon, and New Scientist magazine.

Author of ten critically received popular non-fiction books, including:

·      Many best-selling introductions to philosophy including The Philosophy Gym
·      A Very Short Introduction to Humanism for Oxford University Press
·      Believing Bullshit - a book on irrationality and bullshit,
·      The War For Children's Minds, a book on raising good citizens, about which Philip Pullman said 'Should be read by every parent, every teacher, and every politician'.

Author of three successful non-fiction children's books - and an invited contributor to BBC Children in Need Story Collection.

Designed an online course for Oxford University based on one of his books - an introduction to Philosophy.

Organiser of many educational public events and debates in London and Oxford on Science, Reason, Ethics, and Religion, including at the Oxford Literary Festival (with many high profile speakers and academics including e.g. Lord Layard, Giles Fraser, Claire Fox, Professors Richard Dawkins and Heather Widdows)

Founding editor of the magazine THINK: Philosophy for Everyone, published by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and Cambridge University Press.

Well-known advocate of the public importance of philosophy, and in particular its educational benefits for young people and to public life.

Producer of innovative educational materials, including a recent animation (with  265,000 views)

You can download my academic CV here.

Sample work

Some TV appearances (cut and paste address if link does not work): https://www.closertotruth.com/contributor/stephen-law/profile

Debate on the existence of God with William Lane Craig at Westminster Central Hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APfd7B3CEhI