Skeptical Theism - primer for the uninitiated

Heard of skeptical theism? Perhaps not. But it's all the rage in certain religious circles. So, to get you up to speed, here's a quick primer.

There's a good chance your religious opponent will be familiar with skeptical theism and will use against you in an argument about the existence of God.  So it's wise to be prepared.

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Unhold Gerl said…
As I understand this Pandora's Box argument, it does not rescue the problem of evil. Because it is not an argument, that we can know god's (lack of) justifications. If we switch from problems of evil to sceptical problems, then theists still have problems, but not the one we previously argued about.
Matt Manry said…
Dr. Law,

I'm still interested in reading your paper on the Pandora's Box argument.
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Matt Manry
Anonymous said…
I'm not impressed by the Pandora's box objection, at least as presented in the article. Lying is, presumably, an inherently immoral act. For God to lie to us is an active evil in which God would be engaged, not an allowance of evil towards some grander purpose. It seems the skeptical theist can consistently countenance one but not the other.