What's the point of lampooning religion? To upset the religious?

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In the wake of the horrific massacre at Charlie Hebdo, debate has focused on the issue of causing of offence to religious people. Is that the point of lampooning religion? Is causing offence to Muslims the aim of someone who draws a cartoon of Mohammad? No, usually it's not (though this point is usually lost on the offended).


martine said…
Thanks for that, not the first time you have managed to articulate so succinctly for me something that I felt intuitively.
L.Long said…
No the point is to wake up the others..which is worse!!

Sacranie said he ‘would not dare’ to insult a member of your close family with the intention of hurting your feelings. He added that if he did, ‘I would perhaps get a punch on my nose’.
What a load of BS!! His comment proves that the reactions of people are ignorant BS violence. There by saying isLame men are thin skinned Aholes!!!

I had this argument with an idiot a while back as he got all heated after I said that jesus was a bastard by his own rules, and he finally said, "and how would you like it is I called your mother a lying whore bitch!!!!"
NO I did not hit him in the nose--how utterly stupid!!!
I smiled and pointed out that you then have demonstrated to every intelligent person listening what an idiot you are. For one she is as truthful as any human, she has to work for her money, and she does not have a long tail and does not walk on all four limbs, so your intelligence is not very high!!!
The others listening laughed and he walked off.
Yes ridicule is how you handle the stupid and ignorant, but remember they are not smart enough to use words in combat so be prepared for violence.
But the isLame violence is not for the reason I show above as they recognize the ridicule for what it is (truth they cannot fight) and to keep their people from listening and to quiet others that threaten their political power (cuz they care about Mo just about as much as preachers care about jesus-meaning not at all) the 'insult to Mo/allah/karan' must be put down hard!!!
Faith is what one has about the belief of some invisible imaginary friend, religion is the gathering of like minded bigots for the exercise of power usually over others not like you.
= MJA said…
Western Philosophy: Never tease a rattlesnake unless you are trying to get bit. =