Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heythrop College stories please

Anyone got any good anecdotes or little known facts about Heythrop College (positive ones preferably)? Let me know...


Eric said...

I'm not sure if this counts as a "little known fact," but I only just learned about it.

Heythrop offers, through the University of London's International Programme, a self taught degree in theology that can be taken all over the world. They send you the materials, study guides, etc. at the beginning of the year, you study on your own, and at the end of the year you take the same final exams that students on campus take, which are graded by the same graders according to the same standards. (Birkbeck college offers a similar degree in philosophy). The International Programme has been around since 1858, and seems to have a decent reputation. It's also remarkably inexpensive.

Professor Law, what do you think about these programs? Do they have as solid a reputation as they claim to have?

Stephen Law said...

I can vouch for the International Programme in Theology - I am Chair of Examiners.