Carrier talk on Jesus, history and reason this Friday - see you there?

This should be a really interesting talk (organized by myself for CFI UK) from one of the world's leading skeptics. He is the author of a controversial new book on the quest for the historical Jesus. Hope to see some of you there...

Richard Carrier: Bayes' Theorem and Historical Reasoning: How Historical Methods Can Be Improved and Why They Need to Be

16th November 2012

Stamford Street Lecture Theatre
7.30pm - 9pm (7.00pm registration)

Drawing from his new book Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus (Prometheus, 2012), Dr. Carrier will explain what Bayes' Theorem is (in terms anyone can understand), how it underlies all valid historical methods even when we don't realize it, and why knowing this can improve historical reasoning and argument in all fields of history.

£7 - General
£5 - Students / BHA members
Free - "Friends of CFI"(and LAAG)


Stamford Street Lecture Theatre
Franklin Wilkins Building
Waterloo Campus
King’s College London
127 Stamford Street
Nearest tube: Waterloo

19.00 for a 19.30 start

About the speaker

Richard Carrier is an American historian and philosopher and author of several books which have received international attention, including The Empty Tomb and Why I am Not a Christian. Richard now specializes in the modern philosophy of naturalism, the origins of Christianity, and the intellectual history of Greece and Rome. Richard also writes for and was Editor in Chief of the Secular Web (Internet Infidels).


wombat said…
Regarding historical explanations of the resurrection of Jesus, another data point is in the BBC news today

"Sam Ledward turns 106 after being declared dead in 1936

The former joiner crashed his motorbike in 1936 and says he was in a coma so deep that doctors ordered his body to be taken away.

He was being taken to the mortuary when a hospital porter noticed his "corpse" move and returned him to the ward.

full article here

Even in relatively modern times coma and death could be confused so why not in 1st century middle east?
Steven Carr said…
If Jesus was in a coma and revived, why would Paul explain that 'the last Adam became a life-giving spirit'?
wombat said…
Paul had his own ideas obviously.

What struck me was that the Sam Ledward case was a specific instance of someone who appeared dead in the view of expert witnesses, having suffered serious injury and later revived. Here is a documented resurrection with no divinity involved.
Sketch Sepahi said…
Steven Carr, how would Paul know? It's not as if Paul ever had any actual interaction with Jesus. Paul expressed his own beliefs. Whether those beliefs might be mistaken is precisely the subject under consideration. Therefore, those beliefs aren't admissible as evidence for their own veracity. That's circular reasoning.