Heavy Dexters live at Bullingdon Arms last week...(me on drums)


Shah Hussain said…
Hi Doc. Was really good to see you speak at London Skeptics last night. Thanks for signing my VSI Humanism.
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Anonymous said…
Nice and very steady beat.
Apparently the Heavy Dexter's are quite a bit into the "rocky" part of the specter?

Although I appreciate the "energy" in rock, I usually do prefer the greater dynamic span in "mainstream" jazz.

Incidentally I recently rediscoverd a record that really was an eye-opener to me, way back when.

This tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlxnOQ91vTI
sat discretely on a rather obscure (rock-)collection record (Mid seventies).

It was the first time I really became aware of how the rythm-section could do exiting moves without just turning the volume knob :-)

Listen at approx 50 sec, 1:20, 2 minand not the least 3:0.

In Cod we trust