Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Via Ferrata trip

Tomorrow I am off to the Italian Dolomites with friends for via ferrata fun. Hope to do the Eterna Brigata below. Info.
Punta Serauta: Climbing the slab


Anonymous said...

Have a care. For although falling may do little harm, stopping’s a real *****.
Meanwhile, the eastern aspect of Adnan presents an interesting challenge.

Paul P. Mealing said...

I had a dream about rock-climbing last night - I'd forgotten until I saw your photo. I haven't done it since my youth, and I'm too arthritic now, not to mention unfit.

I recently read a biography of Schrodinger, by John Gribbin, who was into high altitude sports despite being a pipe-smoker and having lifelong issues with tuberculosis.

Regards, Paul.

shellac Perth said...

Doing extreme sports are one of my dreams. Rock climbing is totally one of them. Hope I can experience this in the near future.

jules said...

Not for me. I get vertigo wearing thick socks.