The War For Children's Minds

Review of my The War For Children's Minds in the Clarion Magazine... go here. Obviously you will want to follow this advice: "Buy it, read it and then buy a copy for the Head of your local school."


I just went into iTunes hoping that I could buy this as an audio book but no such luck.

I'd be curious to know how (the largest audio book provider) determines which books to offer. I am currently listening to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman read his On Killing: The Psychological Cost of learning to Kill in War and Society. Fascinating and highly recommended. There is nothing better than listening to an author read his or her own work.
Paul P. Mealing said…
I remember as a teenager challenging the status quo, in particular challenging the local Anglican minister, whom I had known since early childhood (I lived in a country town).

The point is that teens are fertile brains for wanting to think for themselves and challenge authoritarianism. I remember at school wishing there were philosophy classes, even though I knew bugger all about it. My passion at that age was science.

I confess I haven't read it (I've read others of yours, which is how I came by your blog) but I probably should even though I have no kids.

Regards, Paul.