2011 Morris D. Forkosch Award

Have just heard I am the recipient of the 2011 Morris D. Forkosch Award for Humanist Book of the Year for my Oxford University Press Humanism: A Very Short Introduction.

For an alternative point of view, here's my favourite review to date:

"It is incomprehensible that the editors at the Oxford University Press had such a colossal failure of judgment. I intend to read the upcoming volumes in this series, but I certainly hope that I don't come across books like this one again."


Thomas Larsen said…
Congratulations! (And ouch...)
Lucas F said…
Fantastic! Just ordered a copy myself.

I love the Very Short Introduction series ( the best I've read so far being the Hobbes and Locke books), they're always of a very high standard.
NoseyMatronType said…
Congratulations on the award (though it does sound a bit like the academic equivalent of the Mrs Joyful Prize for Raffia Work). I'd be a bit wary of enthusiastically quoting negative reviews though. It's the kind of thing characters like Rupert Sheldrake get up to.