Quaker Universalist Fellowship - review of Believing Bullshit

There's a pretty fair-minded review of my book Believing Bullshit by a quaker here.


Anonymous said…
Stephen Law,

Thank you for your comment and reading of my review of your Book "Believing Bullshit." No author has ever made a comment pro or con of any of my book reviews. The facts that you read the review and that you considered it fair-minded is much appreciated. I try.

Thanks again.

Larry Spears
This was an insightful book. There was one subject that I wished Law would have developed. That is the political & social ramifications of intellectual blackholes. Do intellectual blackholes erode democratic institutions? Do they garner support for the Tea Party, the Green Party and other heavily ideological political movements? Obviously I think the answer is affirmative, but I'd like to see how Law thinks this is so, and to what extent he thinks this is so.I'm also curious about what he thinks "critical thinking" politics looks like. (I think this article by Eco relates to this subject http://www.themodernword.com/eco/eco_blackshirt.html)
Many thanks for your opinion and studying of my overview of your Guide "Believing Bullshit." No publisher has available a comment professional or con associated with a of my publication testimonials. The details that you just see the overview and that you regarded it acceptable-minded is much treasured

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