Paul Zenon on Psychic Sally

Paul Zenon appeared at today's CFI UK Beyond the Veil event (which I organized for Centre for Inquiry UK) and gave some funny and shocking insights into the work of various psychics. His piece in the Daily Mail on Psychic Sally is here.

A video which, it's suggested, may show psychic Sally removing an ear piece is here.

Both courtesy of the Daily Mail. Which is ironic.


Paul Baird said…
It was a great talk from Paul, Hayley, Chris and Richard too. I didn't quite get what Ian was trying to achieve other than a magic show.
Anonymous said…
Sir, I am a 23 year male pursuing a degree in Exercise Science In the U.S. This is my 5th year in the "Bible belt" and has been quite an experience debating and having conversations with Christians here. It still boggles my mind because i had a completely different picture of the U.S(the way people thought), maybe i am in the wrong location :-)but still it continues to fascinate me.I am an Atheist have always been, My parents are from Tibet and I was raised in India (as refugees). All i wanted to say was i really enjoy your blog and is very helpful. Ever since i listened to your debate with Craig about 6 months ago, i have been a big fan. I bought "Believing Bullshit" two weeks ago and still have to complete it. Keep up the good work because you continue to inspire.
Stephen Law said…
Thanks Tashi - good to know someone out there is actually reading stuff I write. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book... I can't imagine what it wuld be lie to live in the Bible belt as an "out" atheist.
Anonymous said…
I thoroughly enjoy it and i am sure a lot of people do as well :-. Living in the "Bible Belt" has been....and continues to be very interesting. The experience only made me realize how lucky i have been to have actually questioned religion when I was in the 3rd grade. I have a few friends who are "closet atheists" and they always tell me how much admire my boldness (i post something blasphemous on Facebook everyday :-))because they are from extremely religious families. Many a times the conversations with creationists gets redundant and a bit time consuming because it always starts with the creationists, "wanting to know my position". They range from high school kids, to college friends, pastors to above 50 year old individuals Majority of them are wonderful people and are genuine but it just gets exhausting. Many a times it is just fascinating to learn how little they know about the world religions.I sometimes wish i would have gone to a college in The U.k like most of my classmates (which was my initial thought). Anyways I got to chapter 4 in your book this really enjoying it!
Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
And sir currently i am involved in a conversation with a Lutheran pastor(a wonderful fellow) who keeps emphasizing on the point that believing in the Big Bang or the point when it started (behind the plank wall) takes same faith as his faith in God, I know what to say but i don't to how to present it to him. I enjoy your faith and morality articles and have learned a lot, in fact chapter one in the book itself talks about different types of refutation but i was wondering if you could make it clear for me so that i would know how to respond and show him the distinction with clarity.
I see there is no option on the blog to send you a private message(unless i haven't seen it)..I would be very happy if you could take out some time from your busy schedule to send me an email at ( you are not comfortable doing that I wouldn't mind getting on this link and following the responses under this post.