Heythrop College, University of London

If you are thinking of studying philosophy, or have students thinking of doing so, and want to find at more about studying at Heythrop College University of London - get in touch. I am tutor for admissions for the BA in Philosophy.

Heythrop is a small institution specializing in Philosophy and Theology. It's compact and friendly and in a beautiful central London location - Kensington Square.

As I pointed out in recent letter to The Independent, it's also a pretty extraordinary place, offering Oxbridge style tuition but for rather lower fees.

Dominic Lawson ("A Private Sector Oxbridge? Not Exactly" 7th June) rightly celebrates the one-to-one tutorial system, offered by Oxford and Cambridge, which he describes as "the single most valuable aspect of their educational offering". But Lawson is wrong to say the system is only offered by Oxford and Cambridge. It is also offered by Heythrop College, University of London for undergraduate degrees in philosophy and theology.

We award University of London degrees, and have achieved some spectacular results in philosophy, including, in recent years, the highest number of first class hons degrees in philosophy among London Colleges, and also the highest scoring first class philosophy degree.

It's a shame more people don't know about us. Please spread the word!

Heythrop website.


Edward Ockham said…
It's a nice place and I use the Theology library frequently.
Philosotroll said…
Does Heythrop have the equivalent of a Ph.D. program? I'm looking at programs to apply to this year, as I'm about to finish my B.A., so I'm curious.
Stephen Law said…
yes we offer PhDs but by research not as a taught programme. I am a potential supervisor, but of course there are many others depending on your research interest. What did you have in mind?
Philosotroll said…
My current work is on early childhood development, especially cognitive development, and a potential revisitation of ethical theories on the basis of an individual's cognitive capacity; it's basically an attempt to offer some account of agent theories in legal systems with a cognitive underpinning. I'm not sure how much there is for me, there. I'm just looking around right now.
Andy said…
I've just started there.
so far I've found it a great place to study.
Wow i am impressed with the reviews above. Might as well try Heythrop College. It might not be the
best university in London but it is worth trying.