Homeopathy survey

This via Chris French:

Homeopaths are doing a survey of public opinion at


You might like to complete it? It's v quick. [it's also quite astonishingly worded S.L.]

He also points out there is another version of the same survey at


The latter has been put up by @skepticCanary (aka Tom Williamson) who claims that "homeopaths have a track record of abandoning ideas if they don't turn out the way they wanted". Surely not, Tom! But, just in case, you might like to complete that one too.

Also, information about the World Skeptics Congress in Berlin in May 2012 will be updated at the following site: http://www.worldskeptics.org/


Tom Williamson said…
Thanks for the mention Stephen! Nearly 400 people have already filled in the skeptic version of the survey, hoping to hit at least 500 by the end of the month.
Tom Williamson said…
Well it's now over 600, I'm well chuffed! :)
Anonymous said…
And true to form, the homeopaths' original version now states "The fieldwork period for this survey has now closed." That was (suspiciously) quick.
Anonymous said…
Wow, see you didn't post my comment - censorship, perhaps?
You are happy to post another Anonymous one though that supports your views. How very honest & mature.
Double standards, rejecting any info that doesn't conform to your theories.
And just as I predicted.....
Stephen Law said…
Hi Anon. I didn't publish the other one because it seemed senseless and insulting, and I thought it was from a nutter.
Dr. Nancy Malik said…
204 studies in support of homeopathy medicine published in 86 peer-reviewed international medical journals out of which 98+ are FULL TEXT out of which 95 are PDF which can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/b3uvDW