Dangerous Homeopathy

This is of interest...and relevance re. the supposed "harmlessness" of homeopathy. Fron Zeno's blog.

It’s bad enough when homeopaths take good money from people, claiming they can cure their colds or clear up their eczema with sugar pills. It’s another thing entirely to claim to prevent or treat serious diseases with identical sugar pills.

But this is precisely what the BBC’s Newsnight programme discovered homeopaths were doing. Broadcast in January, Pallab Ghosh exposed the disgraceful behaviour of a north London homeopath and a homeopathic ‘pharmacy’ selling sugar pills as a malaria preventative.



Dr. Nancy Malik said…
204 studies in support of homoeopathy medicine published in 86 peer-reviewed international medical journals out of which 98+ are FULL TEXT out of which 95 are PDF which can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/b3uvDW
Anonymous said…
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Paul P. Mealing said…
You may be interested in this. There is also a Part 1.

Regards, Paul.
chezemm said…
I was wondering; completely off the subject, Im sorry; what is your view on animal testing? Personally, im neutral on the subject - I thought it would be interesting to hear (or read, as the case may be) your opinion on the subject :)

Also, your second philosophy files book, which I read when I was eleven, really helped me to categorise my thinking; I thought it was wrong to doubt god and stuff, but your book opened my mind and I realised I was free to think what I want :)

please reply,

Chelsea Martin.
anderapadoker said…
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Anonymous said…
A friend of mine was part of the UK Parliamentary Select Committee that suggested government funding should be withdrawn from the homeopathic hospitals in the UK – but the government backed down: despite overwhelming evidence that homeopathic medicine is just sugar pills and make believe. In part the Royal connection – i.e. old Jug Ears believes in the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine (try sugar pills and water the next time you break a collar bone playing polo, Charlie boy!) – was seen as part of the reason why taxpayers’ money should be showered on charlatans and dupes! See: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200910/cmselect/cmsctech/45/45.pdf

So with its Parliamentary blessing it is wonder homeopathy practitioners can say and do what they like.