The faith healers who claim they can cure cancer

by Anna Adams and Meirion Jones
BBC Newsnight website

A group of faith healers who claim they have miracle cures for cancer and HIV have been condemned as "irresponsible, even criminal" by a professor of complementary medicine, following a BBC Newsnight investigation.

The group of healers, collectively known as ThetaHealing, claim that their technique - which focuses on thought and prayer - can teach people to use their natural intuition and "brain wave cycle" to "create instantaneous physical and emotional healing."

ThetaHealing have about 600 practitioners in the UK who charge up to £100 per session.

But the healers' claims have been called "criminal" and "not supported by any kind of evidence" by Edzard Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter, whose unit not only carry out their own studies but also assess those done by other researchers.

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Nick an Nick said…
I felt Newsnight's article on healers was not an investigation but simply a verification of preconceived ideas. I am disgusted with the state of modern journalism where 'investigators' quite frankly have an obvious preconceived agenda which they go to any lengths to 'prove'.

Faith healers are a drop in the ocean compared to the danger this behaviour presents to society. I can only presume that this type of 'journalism' is extrapolated to all areas. It seems the desire to create a shocking story or increase viewer numbers is the main agenda. I'm surprised any of these so called journalists sleep at night - they should be ashamed of themselves - they are in a position of great influence (faith healers are not even on the radar) and they abuse it with impunity.