Believing Bullshit published today in UK

Believing Bullshit published today in the UK. are alresdy out of stock for couple of weeks but it is widely available elsewhere if you cannot wait, such as at Blackwells online. Here is the link.

PS I heard yesterday that the books are in the country so the delay to delivery will be very short.


Josh Kutchinsky said…
Wishing you great success. I'll give it a mention in my next e-reminder to the Central London Humanists.
Anonymous said…
Heard the interview with Steve Wright and resolved to request this book from my local library service. Likewise I'll see what other of your works the service has seated upon its shelves.

I hope to be in touch again soon.

Christopher Palmer
Amazon still shows 1-3 weeks for delivery - I couldn't wait so I just bought at "The Book Depository" - 1p cheaper (£9.07)
Anthony Judge said…
For a critical comment on your New Scientist interview and bullshit book, see the conclusion to the following piece

Mind Map of Global Civilizational Collapse (

This also links to a piece on

Viable Global Governance through Bullfighting (