Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins event 12th April in Oxford

Tuesday 12 April 2011, 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm)
Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford
with Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins

TICKETS ON SALE FROM 10 a.m. FRIDAY 1 APRIL at BHA website here.

In his new book 'The Moral Landscape', neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris challenges the commonly held view that science has nothing to say about moral issues and that religion is the best authority on meaning, values and a good life. For Sam, the goal of 'The Moral Landscape' is to begin a conversation about how moral truth can be understood in terms of science. Richard Dawkins is known for his persistence in demanding a rational and scientific approach to solving life's most fundamental questions wherever and whenever it can be applied. So, can science help us to determine how we should live in the 21st century?

Join us as these two pinnacles of rationalist thought discuss how the science of morality might be formulated and applied to human well-being.

This, **the first ever appearance of Sam and Richard together in public**, will be followed by a book signing. You can buy copies of books by Sam and Richard at the Sheldonian after the event, or bring your favourites with you.

Tickets are £4. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 1st and can be purchased through the BHA website. Net proceeds from the event will be donated to Amnesty International and Non-Believers Giving Aid.

This talk is brought to you by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, UK, The British Humanist Association, The Centre for Inquiry, UK, Oxford Atheists, Humanists, and Secularists, and Project Reason.


Anonymous said…
Is this the same Richard Dawkins who has gone on record as saying:

"If I read an author who is ridiculing some idiot, I myself am rather amused".

Is 'mocking' and 'belittling' another human being going to be part of the the scientific model Dawkins would implement that is to replace Religion?

For example:

Is "Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself" old and outdated and no longer applies?

Richard seems to want to create a world in which our hearts are disconnected from our heads. Where the smug and the arrogant rule the world and those with opposing views are belittled and made fun of for being too stupid to know there is only one way - and that is King Richard's way.

Real reason Richard does not believe in God: he does not want any competition.

he is looking more and more like the sad and pathetic figure he is.

Twinkledorp peabody IV.
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Stephen Law:

I just sent you a comment for your approval for posting. It was not a very complementary one about Richard's idea of replacing Religion with Science given that he finds it 'amusing to read' when an author "ridicules some idiot".

My question to Richard would be, "What if that author was ridiculing you?", to which the other half of the world would be having a good laugh?

From my seat ridiculing and belittling another human being is a shameful act from a heartless, insensitive individual that one should be very weary of in terms of the direction their 'Moral and Ethical Compassion' was pointing.

Religion certainly has its faults and causes much discourse in the world. But the weapons Religious warriors use are developed by Scientists so to assume that Science does not have blood on its hands in Holy wars is beyond dellusional.

Should we throw Science out with Religion as well, as both seem to have formed a co-dependant relationship thus share equal responsibility in wars between Religions?

Both Science and Religion have their good and their bad. It is best that we take the good from both, and toss out the bad, because a world of one in the absence of the other is to no one's benefit.

Thanks for listening.

Twinkledorp Peabody IV.
Anonymous said…
2 magnificantly educated intellectual minds that are held in the very highest esteem. How I wish I could spend just one hour in their inner circle. Oh, what I could learn!!! It will have to suffice that I will be restricted to the pleasure of attending their event in person.

Thank you for informing.
Stephen Law said…
Thanks - I didn't write the copy, and do not necessarily endorse all of it.
sufian said…
I can't believe the tickets are already sold out!! I've been looking to go to a Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris event for ages and when the tickets go on sale, they are all sold out :(
Stephen Law said…
sold out in 15 mins. v sorry.
Stephen Law said…
sufian - quickly go to the website NOW and try again...
Stephen Law said…
I am the MC for this event, btw...