Hear Stephen Law, Nigel Warburton, Chris Horner and Michael Lacewing.

Due to last minute cancellations we have several places available at the Heythrop College A Level Philosophy Conference, suitable for those doing A Level Philosophy or Religious Studies incl philosophy, or indeed anyone interested in philosophy!

The venue is Heythrop College, Kensington Square, London W8 5HN. It runs from 10.30am to 4pm.

Cost is just £12 for students, £15 staff and any one else (free sandwich lunch for staff). I organize the event. Here's the programme. Let me know asap if you want to come. I'll be giving the "evil god" talk. Or email direct to book:

A-Level Philosophy Conferences
Friday 18 or Friday 25 March 2011
HEYTHROP COLLEGE University of London
Kensington Square, London W8 5HN Tel: 020 7795 6600 Fax: 020 7795 4200
University of London
10.30 – 10.50 Registration and Coffee
11.00 – 11.50 Personal Identity, Nigel Warburton, Open University, Author of Philosophy: The Basics; Thinking from A to Z
12.00 – 12.50 Why Should We Be Moral? Chris Horner, Co-author of Thinking Through Philosophy
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 - 14.50 The Problem of Evil, Stephen Law, Heythrop College, University of London Author of The Philosophy Files; The Philosophy Gym; Editor of THINK
15.00 - 15.50 Tolerance, Michael Lacewing, Heythrop College, University of London, Director of ALP; Author of Philosophy for AS, Philosophy for A2: Unit 3 and Philosophy for A2: Unit 4
16.00 Conference Ends
• The same programme applies to both days
• Heythrop College reserves the right to alter the programme due to changing circumstances
• Heythrop College cannot arrange for the provision of transport or accommodation


Poppy said…
I would like to come. I would also like to bring another person so I don't look like a total loner! How do I book/things? I'll know for definite whether I *can* come tomorrow dependant on whether school agrees on day off...
Stephen Law said…
Poppy - just email
and say you want to come and how many. They'll sort you out. See you there I hope!
Anonymous said…
My nameis Scott Andrew REctor i HAVe a limited education i wont reveal until Stephen Law or another Philosophy teacher comments About the answer to a easy philosophical comment made by John LockeHe states the color of the ocean is created when we look at it I am curious to see another Persons belief ifthat is true or not i have the answer and would love to see if anyone can get it right my answer is easyly understandable