March on Saturday!

It's absolutely vital as many people as possible support the march against cuts on Saturday the 26th March. A big turn out won't be enough to stop the Government but it is necessary: they will be looking at numbers to gauge strength of opposition. If you only attend one march, make it this one.

Assemble Victoria Embankment, 11am to march to a rally in Hyde Park. Events

See you there, I hope.

More details at:

Thanks to Chris Horner for his poetic words...


Paul Baird said…
It would be intesting to read your views about how protesters seem to have adapted their methods of protests in response to the Mets previous use of kettling.

I think that protesting is a social safety valve and the Met may learning their own valuable lesson about not permitting one to exist.

Did you have a good day ?
Stephen Law said…
Hi Paul. Yeh. But long. Got there 12-ish and took 2 hours walking just to reach official starting point at Embankment. Reached Hyde Park 6 hours later. Had a 45 minute break at Waterstone's Costa at Piccadilly to feed my 11 year old and when we came out the mood had changed and we saw the protestors on the ledge at Fortnum and Masons painting slogans. Couldn't get beyond that cos road blocked so we detoured round to get to Hyde Park which is just as well as we would have been kettled in the next few minutes. Finally got to largely deserted Hyde Park at 6pm. Definitely way more than 250,000 people.