Captain Ska

Obviously it would send a powerful message if this was number 1 at Xmas. 79p from itunes and profit goes to charity. Search "Liar liar" ska.

[P.S. I don't endorse every line of the song btw - it is a bit of hyperbole, obviously.]


Anonymous said…
"If you vote to the left and they turn to the right,/ Then it's your duty to put up a fight."

I'm sorry, but what were the Lib Dems supposed to have done? Gone into coalition with Labour, even though they still wouldn't have formed a majority? Stayed out of power, and condemned Britain to weak minority government when she most needed strong government?

Nick Clegg always said that he'd form a coalition with the party with the strongest mandate. In terms of both votes cast and seats won, that was clearly the Tories. Are you suggesting that he should have broken his promise and not went into government with them? That would be somewhat ironic in a video calling Clegg a liar.

One final thing: lots of people seem to be upset at the idea of the Lib Dems going into coalition with the Tories. If they were only allowed to coalesce with left-wing parties, they would essentially become a subdivision of the Labour Party. That being the case, why not just vote for Labour in the first place and stop splitting the left-wing vote?
Tim Stephenson said…
"University students will incur debts for tuition fees of up to £30,000 ensuring only the elite can access education"

Who is doing the lying here? I come from one of the poorest areas in the country and was listening to the Labour Hull North MP on the radio today. She said that she had been speaking to a father on a council estate in her constituency who had told her that he had hoped his son could go to university but was now worried that he would not be able to afford it. The interviewer sensibly pointed out that the man's son would only have to start paying the money back, very slowly, if he obtained a good job (£21,000 is good for Hull - but it's cheap to live) on graduating, so he would be able to afford it.
Also, perhaps you should have a philosophical discussion about what a lie actually consists of.
Stephen Law said…
I don't endorse every line of the song btw - it is a bit of hyperbole, obviously.
Tor Hershman said…
Now this would send a more powerfully meaningless message.
That has been #1 @ Omas, highest was #2 most recently past December, BUT only @ Sound Lift.

Stay on groovin' safari,
Tor Hershman said…
Well, Prof. Law, since it's highly unlikely moi’ll ever surf back into your blog, I may as well give you me wee take, a la musical parody, me wee take on The Truth concerning God/Devil thingys.

Stay on groovin' safari,