Philosopher's Football Match Sunday

Date: Sunday, 9 May, 2010
Location: The Harry Abrahams Stadium, Finchley, N12 0PD (nearest Tubes: East or West Finchley)

Gates open 1.30pm.

Commentator: Laurie Taylor.

John Humphrys (Today Prog R4) will be there, as will Terry Jones (Monty Python), Graham Taylor (former England manager)...

The Match kick-off takes place at 3pm and will last 110 minutes in total and thus
with final whistle (allowing for extra time at the referee's discretion!) is at

We anticipate getting 500 spectators on the day, including families, on the day,
and there is extensive media interest as well.

£10 web (collect your ticket at the gate) or £20 on the day. Kids £1.



Philosopher Simon Glendenning voted Most Creative Goal Celebrator 2008-09 season is in goal for Nietzsche Albion, Philosopher Julian Baggini in the back as Nutter Tackler with a strong mid-field duo of Philosopher and Journalist Mark Vernon and Comedian Arthur ‘Schopenhauer’ Smith big fan of the Flat Back Four up front. Philosopher AC Grayling is Manager reported to be banned from the touchline for barracking the fourth official for crass determinism.


For the Socrates Wanderers, we have Comedian Mark Steel Academy Discovery in goal. Tony Hawks is a front runner and Ariane Sharine is sweeper. Ariane Sharine is very much in form while Tony Hawks has been quoted as determined to hack old foe Epicurus off the park. Former Watford, Aston Villa and England Gaffer Graham Taylor is Manager.

I am centre midfield for the Greeks.


Anonymous said…
Unfortunately I'm not able to enjoy the match, -unless you persuade "Eurosports" to broadcast :-)

Admittingly off topic: After your debate with Hamza Tzortzis, I have looked in vain for some update/footage on the event.
I have also looked at Tzortzis' own web-page and have not been able to find anything.

The M.O. of mr Tzortzis do remind me quite a bit of the animal rights "philosopher" Gary Francione. (He usually engages in any debate and later declares victory whatever outcome the debate had in the real world).
The absence of any footage on Tzortzis blog is interesting.

He has a header where the debate would fit rather naturally:

Wasn't the intention of the event to make the debate available as a podcast or similar?

In Cod we trust
Stephen Law said…
He says it will appear for sure...