King's College Philosophy Dept - Leiter update

Leiter reports on the KCL firings: "Jan Palmowski of King's College, London: The Most Disgraceful Academic Administrator Alive?"

Jaw-droppingly shocking.


bobius said…
link isn't working... what happened?
Brunellus said…
Leiter must have been persuaded to remove the post.  At the time of writing, you can still read it via the Google cache.
Nonni5 said…
The post has been replaced by a new one, less likely to bring on a lawsuit, but even more revealing about the nastiness afoot in KCL ( If true, the cull in KCL Arts and Humanities will meet real savings targets linked with the cuts, but also create a surplus to fund buying in a group of contemporary historians from the IHR. It's a bad time to be in a minority subject in the humanities.