Haiti "Magic is Real" Benefit

Ian Rowland (great magician - and the world's leading cold-reading expert) writes:

Dear Friends,

‘Magic Is Real: Haiti Benefit Evening’

It will happen this coming Wednesday!

It will only happen ONCE.

It will be a great, memorable and unique occasion!

Why would you miss this?

We’ve got the TIME.

We’ve got the PLACE.

We’ve got the ENTERTAINMENT.

We’ve got the MAGIC.

We’ve got some fantastic Charity Auction items that I promise YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE. Someone on Wednesday evening will pick up the BARGAIN OF A LIFETIME. I am not even close to kidding about this.

So… you have been wondering whether to come. NOW is the time for you and your friends to finally decide 'Yes', and to be part of this success story.

Magic Is Real, and we will all prove it on Wednesday evening. Come and see the proof for yourself.

We made it easy to get to. (If you can stumble sideways out of London Bridge stn, you can find this venue.)

We made it easy to get in. (£10 on the door or pay in advance: http://www.mycharitypage.com/IanRowland )

We made it easy to enjoy.

Now all we need is… YOU.


With a simple mouse click, you can forward this email to everyone you know. Please DO.


- Ian

07939 047 464



pascal said…
The link to Ian Rowland's site seems to have suffered serious adverse juju, but the link to the charity page works fine.

Which is good since otherwise we would not know that we should be at the Borough Bar, 8 London Bridge Street (right next to London Bridge Stn)from 7pm onwards tomorrow, which is Wednesday 10th February.

Now all that I have to do is work out the route from the Barbican...