Why David Cameron wants a boom in faith schools

The biggest expansion of faith schools since the 19th century would be encouraged by a Tory government, David Cameron signalled yesterday.

Senior figures in the Roman Catholic Church have already expressed a strong interest in running the 'free schools' proposed by the Conservatives.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246016/Why-David-Cameron-wants-boom-faith-schools.html#ixzz0e19bLhUS


Smörgåsmåsen (formerly Psye) said…
Many good comments in the comments section below the article. That gives me some hope at least. Faith schools is a really bad idea, it seems to me.
Anonymous said…
All the comments below the Mail article were against faith schools.
They've stopped taking comments.
A coincidence?
Anonymous said…
That's misleading - I was only looking at the set of latest comments.
But the most popular list is certainly heavily against faith schools.