Pat Robertson voodoo doll on ebay

Here. Thanks to Ekklesia.
Finally! What you've all been asking for! A one of a kind, handmade PAT ROBERTSON VOODOO DOLL.

After an exclusive deal with devil, we are finally able to bring black magic into your very own home! The lucky winner of this auction will attain the soul of Televangelist PAT ROBERTSON in a handheld figurine comprised of the finest straw, cloth, and other organic natural materials!

Ever wanted to cause Pat Robertson a massive headache? give him back pain? jab him in the crotch? Of course you have! Well then BID NOW to own your very own physical representation of the dark, dark soul of Pat Robertson.

Accessories included with the doll are Pat's very own "HOLY" BIBLE and BAG OF MONEY taken from real Americans! WOW!


100% of the profits from the sale of this doll will go to The American Red Cross. To learn more about The Red Cross, VISIT HERE....


Steven Carr said…
Voodoo dolls?

Are these the final proof that acupuncture is pseudo-science?
Jit said…
The man is a loathsome reptile. It is perhaps a shame for those of us in the sensible corner that we know that stabbing the doll will have no effect.

Interesting article on BBC website about haiti disaster and 'soul crafting' theory
anticant said…
I don't find that article and ensuing comments "interesting" except as yet another example of how supposedly educated clever people are happy to spout total twaddle.

Even worse, they get paid for it!
hax said…
It has been relisted on eBay. Ironically, eBay took it down because it could not be verified that Pat Robertson's soul actually exists. Here's the new eBay link. It's over $670 again!