Leo Igwe: contact the embassy, please

Further News from Nigeria

The State Security Service has taken Uche with them away from his home supposedly to their offices.
Leo has asked the person who lives with Uche to go to the offices and ask what is happening.
Leo says that the SSS should be open about what are the reasons for this harassment of Uche and allow him proper legal representation.
The situation is unfolding right now.
Leo says "we are deeply concerned"
He asks all of us to take whatever action we can to make the Nigerian authorites aware that the eyes of the world are on this matter and that we expect that they will be behave properly in providing people with information as to why they are being held and questioned and gioven access t legal representation.
Leo says not to be concerned about any effect this may have on him and his meeting on Monday with the police. He sauds it i important that the authorities in Nigeria are aware of the international concern.
Contact local Nigerian Embassies , organs of Government in Nigeria etc.

Background info here.

Polite but firm communications expressing serious concern and requesting helping in dealing with this unfolding situation urgently now need to be sent, please.

I have emailed and have written a letter to the High Commissioner in London,

His Excellency, Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, High Commissioner
Nigeria High Commission,
9, Northumberland Avenue,
London WC2N 5BX, United Kingdom.

I used this email address as I could find none more suitable: political@nigeriahc.org.uk

Let me know if you find a better one.


Anonymous said…
For those in the US

Ambassador Baba Gana Wakil
Nigerian Embassy in DC
202-986-8400 Extension 1069
Podblack said…
Thank you for this - looking forward to further updates, since the Bad Astronomy site and the Skeptic Zone podcast are reporting on the news and urging people to write.