Sunday, November 15, 2009

Really Really Big Questions

My skeptical kid's book Really Really Big Questions was one of the top fifty winter reads in yesterday's Independent (it was number five, in fact):

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'This is one book I wish I'd written,' admits Joe Craig of Dr Stephen Law's philosophical compendium, which any child over the age of eight should find some treasure in. 'It is definitely worth spending time on every page of this life-enhancing book. Every home should have a copy,' he adds.

The book aims to develop independent, critical thinking about weird and wacky stuff, from fairies to spoon-bending to God. A sort of skeptical primer that aims to be a lot of fun at the same time...

Publisher Kingfisher

How much? Normally £12.99. But currently just £6.49 from amazon uk:

and also from amazon US.


Martin said...

I was introduced to philosophy at age sixteen. I wish it had been earlier, and firmly believe that children can get a lot out of the subject. I shall seek out a child of the right age that needs a Christmas present so I can add it to their list, and get a sneaky read of the book myself before it gets wrapped.

Stephen Law said...

Thanks Martin - that's one sold at least.

Flea said...

I'm ordering my own copy today. But, is it going to be translated into spanish? When?

"¿Tú, en qué piensas?" ("The ph. files") was a great book that amazed my nieces and nephews (and me) and I only hope to repeat the deed!

The Atheist Missionary said...

Stephen, this stuff is veritable gold. I just finished read a superb book called Curious Minds (edited by John Brockman) which is fascinating collection of essays by some of the world's leading scientists about their childhood experiences. If there was one overriding theme that ran through many of the stories it was that their parents provided an atmosphere conducive to learning. Leaving books like this "lying around" is one way to foster such an atmosphere (electric guitars also seem to be a hit at my place).

Really Really Big Questions will be under our secular Christmas tree this year.

Congratulations for your recognition and keep up the great work.

Stephen Law said...

Thanks AM - I appreciate that.

Sonja said...

Will be purchasing two books, one for each of my granddaughters. Really appreciate books like this for young people - there is not much to choose from for their age. Thank you so much for recognizing that parents need help introducing philosphy to their children - and it is pretty much non-existent in public school curriculums in the USA.

Stephen Law said...

Thanks Sonja - that's good to hear. Hope they like it.