SUGGESTIONS AS TO HOW TO PUBLICIZE THIS EVENT, PLEASE! And do please pass info on to anyone you think might be interested. It should be great but am concerned we won't get the audience it merits.

SPES/CFIUK present:

An interactive skeptical odyssey – with sound effects! University experts investigate tales of sea-monsters, mermaids, etc.

Saturday, 7th November, 11am-3pm (with break for lunch) Just £10. Free to members of cfi uk, glha, spes, bha, new humanist and Skeptic mag subscribers.

Ever wondered if there is some truth to sailors’ tales of monsters from the ocean’s depths?

Dr Charles Paxton, a scientist from the University of St Andrews, is one of the country’s most qualified cryptozoologists, and he will be running both a lecture and workshop on monsters from the deep – mythical and real. Dr Darren Naish is a researcher at The University of Portsmouth, who will talk about the ‘prehistoric survivor paradigm’ and what it means (or doesn’t mean) for ’sea monster’ sightings. An interactive skeptical odyssey….

Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL – Main Hall. Book by sending a cheque with names of attendees to Suresh Lalvani, Ex Director CFIUK, PO Box 49097, Centre for Inquiry, London N11 9AX. Or use paypal – hit “Support cfiuk” button at and follow instructions.


Hi Stephan,
I dropped a comment (indeed a question)to your comment on Gaita. Please read it and reply if possible.
Martin Freedman said…
Well I found an event on fb but I was not invited. Try to promote this feature better? (I am a member of Centre For Inquiry|UK too)
wombat said…
I notice that the Times is launching some sort of science glossy called Eureka

Maybe worth adding the editor to your email list?
Stephen Law said…
yes I forgot to facebook message it. God idea about eureka. just need to find an email address...

Keshavarzi - got your message. will try to respond shortly...
wombat said…
As luck would have it the Times has an article today on Deep sea creatures
by a guy called Frank Pope.

Antonia Senior is editor of Eureka - couldn't find an email for either of them so probably best to go via the online editor or the newsdesk
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