Facebook meltdown

My facebook page appears broken. I keep getting friend requests, but when I hit add friend, nothing happens. I cannot respond to friend requests, my inbox page is blank, when I hit friend labels (in "lists")I have set up they all show empty. There appears to be no way to report such problems. Anyone got an idea?


Anonymous said…
Doesn't philosophy give you an answer? :D
Warren said…
Hi Stephen. My name is Warren Riley and I live in Ontario, Canada. My wife told me about your conundrum and I thought I'd help you solve it. Here is my email address and email me first before we start. I want to know if your "Home" page works correctly. If so, we can "Chat" as I ask and tell you what to do while we are on line in Facebook. Of course, we will have to become "friends" to do so, but that will help me to extrapolate your situation ( also an exercise).
Often there are no solutions in Facebook, also if a question is asked to Facebook, you never receive a reply.

So, if a time that is convenient for you to correspond through email first, please let me know and I'll be on line for you.
There will be quite a few things to do to fix your problem and I'll be happy to help.

After we chat through Facebook, we can then establish what next about your "Add Friend" situation and your "Inbox" re: no messages when there are some. Hope to hear from you soon.
Regards from Canada.
Warren said…
Warren Riley email: wriley@xplornet.com
Warren said…
Stephen, as a second thought, when was the last time you "defrgmented" your computer and also "Removed Cache" and "Removed Cookies"? If your computer files are scattered all over the place, you will have problems with sites loading information correctly and making it almost impossible to read technical info and data packages correctly. May I suggest you do this first before we message on line? Also, after "defraging" and removing "Cache" and "Cookies", try Facebook again. While doing this, please do not remove anything else. You might be asked for your passwords again and if so that's okay. Just tell the site to "Remember" again. That's no problem. If it's still the same then we'll go to Facebook and use some intelligent and backdoor tricks to get it up and running.
Paul P. Mealing said…

When I tried to log in I got this message:

Account unavailable

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologise for the inconvenience.

However, I got in through a link via an email from a 'friend' on Facebook, but then it won't let me reply and it shows my 'Wall' as blank, though my 'Info' is still there.

I think Facebook has a problem.

Regards, Paul.
Freddie said…
You probably set up a fan page due to the policy of facebook to limit friends on personal account
Stephen Law said…
Thanks - here's the weird thing, after a couple of weeks of being broken, this morning it works fine (though it asked me to manually sign in which it does not normally). Possibly this is a coincidence or it might be because I sent a "suggestion" suggesting they fix the bloody thing. Anyway thanks for the kind offers of help. You might try same thing Paul...
Paul P. Mealing said…
Hi Stephen,

I just logged in and it was fine - a bit clunky, but it worked and didn't kick me out, and my 'Wall' is back.

So there was something up that we'll probably never know about.

Regards, Paul.
Anonymous said…
Well, I was rather hoping to find you on Twitter....