Alps '09 - back again

Back again. Will be away for further two weeks but here is an update on Alps trip, slides to follow.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Sport climb (Take it Easy) and then traverse of Dri Hornli
Ascent of Weissmeiss from Almageller hut
Traverse of Portjengrat (fabulous, but fast cos of storm approaching - 6hrs 50min hut-to-hut)

Chamonix, France

Rock climbing day
Cosmique Arete, from Midi telepherique
Ascent of Dent du Geant (in company of Kenton Cool)
Gervasutti couloir, Tour Ronde
Rock climbing Aiguille Rouge (new route - name escapes me)
Contamine Grisolle route Mont Blanc du Tacul, then up to summit of Tacul.

Videos (not mine) of Geant and Contamine routes

My guide was the excellent Chris Ensoll.


Mike N said…
Have a good holiday. Typical that when I pop back after a long absence you've gone away, ah well, at least I have a few posts to catch up on ...

I also couldn't resist posting you a link to a blog somebody sent me; it's such a wonderfully condescending piece.
I hope you got your picture taken with that statue of the Virgin Mary. I bet that would look great framed in your office.
Mark said…
Quite envious of that trip.

If you're interested in climbing you might like this:
Hope you enjoyed a lot in your holidays. The videos are very nice and enjoyable.