Church hails court decision affirming same sex marriage

From Ekklesia...

United Church of Christ leaders in the USA have hailed a unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court to reject the state's ban on same-gender marriage as unconstitutional - writes J. Bennett Guess.

Iowa now joins Massachusetts and Connecticut in becoming the third state to allow same-sex couples to marry.

"Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa are three states whose cultures were shaped profoundly by the Congregational experience," said the Rev. John H. Thomas, UCC general minister and president. "I can't help but believe and affirm that there is a connection at work here."

The United Church of Christ has 179 local churches in Iowa and Grinnell College - one of state's most prominent liberal arts schools - is historically related to the denomination.

"Words can hardly express how delighted and relieved I am for same sex couples in Iowa - more than a few of whom are my friends - for whom the Iowa Supreme Court's ruling is a gift," said the Rev Rich Pleva, UCC Iowa Conference Minister. "I'm also aware that the people and churches of the Iowa Conference are not of one mind on this issue. This is a time to underscore and affirm our covenant to being of one heart and one body, even at times when we may not agree."

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Tea said…
interesting title ;)
Anonymous said…
Wow - there really are some good guys amongst the faithful! Well done the UCC.
david said…
words that appear so good inspiration for me to learn to write
Danny said…
As it stands I'm against homosexual marriage, but then again, as it stands I'm against heterosexual marriage as well...

My proposal would be that no secular state or authority should issue, endorse or recognise anything called a "marriage". Leave that term and concept in the hands of religious organisations and individuals, to deal with however their particular theologies or beliefs stipulate. The state should only deal in "civil partnerships", legal contracts between two parties, regardless of gender.

I think it would be a simple and effective solution that would clear up a lot of mess. For the religious, the sanctity of the concept of marriage is maintained, (everyone can get "married" according to their beliefs, whether that's by a vicar in a church or by a white witch in the woods for all it matters) and the state can wipe its hands of the concept, and merely issue (without ceremony of any kind) civil partnerships to those wishing certain financial, legal and administrative benefits specifically useful for long-term co-habiting.

What do you think?