Dawkins interviews Father George Coyne

Particularly illuminating interview, I thought. Go here.


Paul P. Mealing said…
I thought this was a very good discussion. What I like is that Father Coyne is careful, and consistent, to distinguish scientific arguments from philosophical arguments. It's this singular lack of understanding, I believe, that makes this debate so erroneous in many instances, particularly in America.

I disagree with his argument on 'first cause' but I also disagree with his assertion that the 'anthropic principle' is a 'God of the Gaps' argument.

He alludes to the idea that God as 'Creator' is not necessarily the same as the God that people experience, or that he, himself, believes in. This is a point that I've made myself on occasion

I was impressed that Dawkins would engage in a dialogue with him. In my reading of The God Delusion, I got the impression that Dawkins wouldn't countenance anyone with a religious point of view at all.

Regards, Paul.
I saw the interview, it's brilliant, a true dialogue between two great men