Train woes

It's almost 5pm. I am supposed to be live on Little Atoms radio show at 7pm (studio nr. Borough tube station, London), but I went into Oxford railway station at 4.30pm to find there are no trains to London. Now sitting on the bus (which has wireless) but I think it's a long shot I'll make it. Annoying.

But they have promised to plug tomorrow's WEIRD SCIENCE event in anycase.


martino said…

Hope you got to the radio show on time.

I will be sort of live blogging from this event if anyone who is interested cannot make it. I will certainly create 4 summaries of each talk and post a few minutes after each talk. I am investigating more real live blogging tools and might try them tomorrow too.

See No Double Standards (tomorrow)

PS I am guessing Stephen won't mind me promoting this here as he is helping arrange for me to do the live blog.
martino said…
Hi again

Great event and a good talk by you. Here is a list of reviews of Weird Science.