Podcast possibilities

Nigel Warburton very generously gave me a great little Snowflake USB microphone for my birthday, which he uses to make podcasts. He is expecting me to do the same, now. So shall have to think up ideas. Any suggestions gratefully received....


Rob A said…
Did you ever link here to your Thought for the World?

Kosh3 said…
Topic 1: Religious non-realism
Topic 2: Presuppositionalism
Topic 3: Islam and Violence
Topic 4: What it's like to be a Philosopher
Lee said…
Excellent... I look forward to the podcasts.

Suggestions? Why not start off using your own work - I'm reading 'The Philosophy Gym' and there is 25 podcasts right there.

Another idea to be topical? Why not pick a story in the news that presents a rather one-sided view, and dissect it showing the logical fallacies. Help the world to think.

Good luck