Broken clavicles

For anyone interested here is my dislocated right clavicle (top - it sticks up; compare it to the left at the shoulder end and you'll see) and broken right clavicle. From mountain biking in Spain.

Sorry posts have been less frequent - beginning of term is coming up. I shall respond to Rev Sam on the Jesus issue shortly. Book club posts will still appear on Saturdays.



My goodness, man - as a fellow clavicle-snapper (both, actually), I find myself in awe that you were able to function at all with the severity of the fracture you've got there!

Of course, it's been almost 25 years since I broke mine, but do they still have you in the shoulder harness contraption?

[[looks again at the X-ray and shudders uncontrollably!]]
Jackie said…
I would have commented earlier, but all I can think of to say is, "Ouch!" and "Get well soon!"
Stephen Law said…
No shoulder harness - they gave me a sling. The dislocation is considered the more serious injury, funnily enough, though it does not look as dramatic. But should be ok, I am told. Here's an odd thing - the shoulder that hit the floor was my right shoulder. But it was the left clavicle that snapped.
Spherical said…

Do get well soon!
Cassanders said…
I hope they used copious amounts of anesthesia when sorting the bits and pieces back to their intended articulation.
I experienced a car crash a couple of years ago. My only injury was from burns on the wrists (from the inflation of the collision bag), and a broken finger(Outer index phalange).
However, as it had an awkward angle for guitar-playing, I asked the doctor to adjust it before fixing the fracture. Not a wise request without anesthesia, I can tell. :-)

Hope you're getting better soon, enableing you to catch up with the risky hobbies :-)
Anonymous said…
Man.. that must have hurt!
You have me get well wishes. I admire how active you are in hiking and biking. A healthy mind on top of a healthy body ;-)
Dan said…
I think mine is partially dislocated. Pops a lot and the whole joint is 2x. I got an MRI last week and have called my MD 6times but no consult yet. MD or MT... I heard that this is problematic to fix. Close to the subclavian so it requires a cardio surgeon. Even if this heals on its own, the size of the insertion is obvious. Lifestyle threatening!