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Britain's answer to Creationism in science classrooms

Did you know that there are several active groups of creationists here in the UK?
Did you know that they are actively working their way into science classrooms without the knowledge of parents and sometimes even without other teachers at the schools being aware?
Do you want to do something about it?

The British Centre for Science Education (BCSE) is a group dedicated to promoting and defending science education in the UK. It is run as a cooperative organisation by part-time volunteers with paid membership and a public forum where the general public can debate the key issues involved. It has no full time members of staff and believes in the tools for everyone to think for themselves - Science, Education and Reason - and the outcome – Democracy, Pluralism and Liberty.

The BCSE has become deeply worried about attacks on science education, particularly from creationists funded from the USA, and our campaign is dedicated to keeping all forms of creationism including Intelligent Design out of the science classroom in the UK.

The BCSE actively monitors creationist activity and is aware that leading creationists are deliberately keeping their in-school activities secret so as to stay out the media spotlight. Leading figures in two such groups have said this. We are always looking to raise awareness of this issue and to gather and collate information on creationist activities which threaten good science education in the UK.

We have a comprehensive Wiki of intelligence, a free community forum, and we have cultivated several links with major media players in the UK.

Now that the creationists have realised that they will not gain media support they are trying to hide their school activities from the public gaze. We are therefore now looking to attract new members who can be on the look out for items in their local press, local public meetings and local school activities to help us keep tabs on things and keep creationism out of science classrooms in the UK.

The BCSE is open to all, irrespective of religious or political affiliations, who wish to oppose the tide of creationism in the United Kingdom.

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Anonymous said…
Looks like one of the links is malformed.
I think it should be
Andrew Louis said…
in a speach you gave you had mentioned introducing philosophical ideas to children made them 6.5% smarter (or something like that). Not that I'm questioning you on this (I'd tend to agree with it), but I'd be curious to read the study if it's available.
Stephen Law said…
that was a study by keith topping done at dundee university. schools in scotland. try googling it...
Stephen Law said…
i will fix link, thanks anon
crabsallover said…
thanks Stephen. I've joined BCSE as a member. I've suggested that they might assist British Humanist Association Science Group in exhibiting in the Science Hall at Cheltenham Science Festival 2009. Our theme is teaching of evolution in schools.
Stephen Law said…
yes good idea, crabs. Maybe CFI could link up with them too.
Stephen Law said…
Thanks anon. I already did see that. Went through the various allegations before I posted this. Can't see that theres much substance to them.

Incidentally, the author of this anti-BCSE site is the author of the presuppositionalist website I posted on. That's how I found his website, in fact.

Wouldn't be you, would it?
Psiloiordinary said…
We now have a blog.

Anyone want to play "Creationism or Fiction?"