Debate on faith schools - on BBC World Service

You can hear me on "Reporting Religion" on BBC World Service this week - here. I am quoted at the beginning of the programme, but the relevant bit is toward the end.

The programme has me debating faith schools with the education officer of the British Council of Muslims.


Martin Fox said…
Very interesting debate. It's a shame you got cut off right at the point when you mention you can have a moral education without religion, as without the examples you've used on this blog it seemed like an assertion.

I found it interesting that the other speaker couldn't really respond to your 'political schools' gambit and resorted to 'you have to draw the line somewhere...'. A line, of course, he wants to draw at religious schools.
Stephen Law said…
Yes they recorded 45 minutes and used only 15 or so... always frustrating.

I haven't actually listened to it yet to see which bits they used.