Rory the Tory and centre-left mugs

Puzzled by many centre-left friends and colleagues who are now admirers of Rory Stewart.
Rory is a committed Tory who has voted for cutting benefits for the poor and disabled, cutting taxes for the rich, the bedroom tax, loading students with huge debts, and who clearly thinks that overall things are basically fine - we just need to do a bit of work on what Rory calls the 'small things' to support post offices, improve broadband speed, save High Streets, shorten GP waiting times, etc.. I am not aware of Rory saying he'd do *anything* substantive to deal with rising inequality, poverty, social injustice, etc. (that would presumably be 'Grand Ideas', which he is clear he doesn't like - see video below).

Yet many self-styled leftists now say how wonderful and refreshing Rory is because he's spouted some vague, misty-eyed rhetoric about making us 'happier' through 'compromise' and 'love', etc.
Rory's rhetoric is currently much in the style of David Cameron in his early 'compassionate' phase (when he talked about helping the poor a lot). All his emphasis is on freeing up and releasing the potential of individuals to do stuff. No more top-down 'Grand Ideas', as Rory puts it. Yep, it's bog standard Tory philosophy, used to justify the vicious policies that have blighted the lives of ordinary working people, and have probably caused many thousands of deaths, including many suicides. Rory voted for them all. That's his vision of 'love'.

Here is Rory's little 'love' speech.

Not only that, FBPE-ers please note that Stewart - “I will do absolutely everything within my power & with every sinew of my body to stop a no deal brexit” - just voted *against* Labour's amendment to get No Deal off the table.

Some folk, despite styling themselves centre-left, are even saying they'd prefer to have the Tories under Rory Stewart than a Labour Government.

They are not centre-left. Or, if they are, they are gullible fools.