Thursday, August 24, 2017

Corbyn vs Virgin and Traingate - the full CCTV is finally released!

Remember traingate: Corbyn claimed he was on a 'ram-packed' Virgin train, and Branson released CCTV stills from that train showed loads of empty seats? Virgin were asked for the full CCTV recordings under FIA rules. They have now, finally, revealed the CCTV from which the stills fed to the Press by Branson were taken [correction: I am told that the CCTV from which that still of the supposedly empty seats was taken was available to the BBC at the time, but it seems they never bothered to check the tape]. The CCTV originals confirm not that Corbyn lied but rather that Branson presented highly misleading images from the CCTV to the media.

Remember the days and days of outrage in the MSM that followed traingate....including on BBC Newsnight?

I imagine this news - that a billionaire deliberately misled the mainstream British media in order to smear a political leader threatening his financial interests - will be met with crickets.

There may also a moral to be drawn here about 'fake news'. I googled 'traingate' just now and I found ONLY The Canary, Skwawkbox, RT, and other sources endlessly denounced by centrists as 'fake news' are covering this story. The BBC, on the other hand, were successfully played by Branson, as were the rest of the MSM (most of it quite willingly of course).

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