Saturday, July 16, 2016

Various anecotes about Corbynite thugs unravelling

The story about Stella Creasy's home being besieged by baying mob turned out to false (it was a peace vigil outside her office, as Stella later herself graciously acknowledged). The story about a Corbynite anti-semitically abusing MP Luciana Berger was also wrong - the culprit was right-wing fascist. And now the story about the brick through Angela Eagle's constituency office window is unravelling - see the video.

Note (1) the window was not to Eagle's office window, but to a stairwell in the same quite large building (with 6 different occupants). (2) Eagle's office was clearly identifiable (with Labour Party stickers) and easily accessible, but untouched.

No doubt there are thugs amongst the many many thousands of Corbyn supporters, but impression that there's a serious problem sufficient to warrant banning CLP meetings is based on entirely anecdotal evidence and many of the anecdotes are turning out to be unreliable.

ps and here's yet another bullshit story smearing corbynites:…/story-29502451-…/story.html

Yet another anecdote begins to look highly dubious - alleged homophobic bullying of Eagle at a meeting she didn't even attend?

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