Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blame The Blairites, Not Corbyn, For This Mess

Shame the working class will come out in droves to vote Brexit, but can't be bothered to vote Labour. Why is that?

We have one shot, admittedly long, at getting the working class back behind Labour, and it's Corbyn, not the Blairities. Let's get behind him.

Blairites are predictably blaming Corbyn, but it was they who created this mess by disregarding the working class.

I fear the alternative to working people getting behind an authentically left-wing party that they can see fights for them is that they'll feel increasingly marginalised and will eventually slide in desperation into fascism.

A shiny, Tory-lite Blairite like Dan Jarvis would be the worst possible choice at this time.

PS Corbyn delivered 63% of Labour voters for Remain. Sturgeon delivered 64% of SNP. So remind me again why Corbyn is to blame, but not Sturgeon?

Note also that even the super-Euro-friendly Lib Dems only managed 70% Remain.


Staffordshire man said...

If I remember correctly Blair won three elections. More people supported him that Corbyn; more people voted to leave, it's a concept called democracy.

I live and work in Europe, and have done for thirty years.

It will be a little messy but largely depends what you have in your glass.

Adam said...

Interesting Blog, and with some useful stats that I've not seen before. I question though whether 'Blairism' is the only possible reason for a Labour MP to question, challenge or even undermine the current leadership? Are Blairite and Corbynite the only two points on the current Labour political spectrum?